Anna graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, The University of the Arts London in 2005 with a B.A Honours degree in Fine Art Painting. Soon after her degree, Anna completed a PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University. She has since worked in a variety of schools and started teaching at Headington School, Oxford in 2016. 

Throughout her teaching career, Anna has maintained her practice working in a range of different mediums including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and digital media. She has also worked as an illustrator for Sweet William Designs. Anna has work in private collections around the world and last year exhibited her work in the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. 


'My work is all about experimenting with materials, not over thinking it, just recording my little existence in the world and most of all having fun. When you play and take risks with materials, interesting things can happen, and this fuels the desire to keep on doing.'


Anna’s new body of work titled ‘Pure’ features bright and bold abstract paintings. In these works, painting is stripped back to its formal elements exploring colour, line, shape and form. The abstract organic and geometric forms challenge the traditional notion of painting. The works are ambiguous and strongly lend themselves to the viewers’ interpretation. Anna compares the viewing experience to conjuring up images and narratives in response to observing clouds. 


Anna’s collection of black and white photographs fuses analogue and digital techniques including scanned 120mm film, pinhole photographs and digitally manipulated images. Anna’s photographs serve as her visual diary recording her travels abroad and daily experiences. 

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